If you want users to follow, download, and like your app, make it worthy, make it appealing and engaging. Developing, launching, and marketing your app is not enough, viral it along with constantly updating it and cutting the bugs will cost you. Also, different kinds of testing can be made for testing the app. Meanwhile, here at Appventurez, we follow our own set of testing processes for making the app outstanding and just flawless. For example- if you are willing to go ahead with making an app for Apple Watch users, in such a situation, you have to make an app for iOS only. In most cases, choosing a platform is solely a business decision.

Apps that are placed in the second category take months and months for their actual existence. Developing apps to match the level of Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, Google Maps, Tinder, or any other top game is no less than a challenge. All of these things will incur a cost that will pile up against the whole app development project.

Jot down the complete scope of your project, also mentioning what will not be included in the scope. You can then use the scope document to prepare detailed requirements, costs baselines and an estimated budget. There are many ways to test a mobile app’s performance and functioning.

You should be able to rely on your app development team to extinguish any fires. If you want to reduce development costs, you can use existing solutions whenever possible. This means using existing libraries, frameworks, and platforms to build your app. This is a great way to save time and money, as you won’t have to pay for developing these features from scratch.

How Much It Will Cost To Develop Your App?

Often, these are untested waters, and the cost surprises them. The accumulation of those differences between the members of the team responsible for your app development project is how the location of the team impacts your app’s cost. The higher they are paid, the higher the cost of the final product they make. The fact of the matter is that there is no fixed rate, and companies have to breakdown your idea into a feature list to give even an estimation. It requires them to go through different requirements such as features and functionalities, design, platform, and even the maintenance cost.

How much time does it take to create a video app

Both the Front end and Back end are the souls of the app. Front End developers turn the UI into an app by using top programming language whereas Back End is the “system” behind the app that makes the app function as designed. App Prototype – It is not a fully functional app but a glimpse of what the app will look like and how it will work. This can be around a specific function or feature that helps in getting final validation and testing before diving into the development phase. User Stories – It is essential to know why the app will be used by the users. List down the users that will use them, reasons, end-goals, navigation, pages, etc. that can help in achieving the business goals.

Choosing to use complex tech

For placing their ads on a platform that is designed to be visited by millions on an everyday basis, there’s hardly a brand that will shy away from paying a substantial amount. Real-time insight into the videos the people they follow have uploaded. Offer your users the ability to edit their profile and add personal details such as their name, location, and profile picture. This will help users to find and connect with each other. Contributor behind the growing count of minutes and money spent on online videos.

How much time does it take to create a video app

The planning stage involves decisions regarding the configuration of the app. These decisions include making a choice between iOS and Android, native or hybrid, cross-platform or not, web-based app or mobile app, etc. There is no doubt about the fact that with 350 billion app downloads worldwide, businesses are looking to get the same attention.

How Long Does It Take To Make An App

This involves finding companies willing to pay you to feature their products or services in your app. Choosing a development partner that offers affordable ongoing maintenance packages. This way, you will only pay for the maintenance that you need, and you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs down the line. And are looking to create apps on similar design principles. Marketing your app, and other miscellaneous expenses that are not directly related to the app’s development.

How much time does it take to create a video app

Using these technologies correctly is a complex task and thus it slows down the app development process. Sure, your app idea is your brainchild whereas budget, resources, and experienced developers are the engine. But in most cases, start-ups hire developers who do not hold the experience required how to create a video app for certain kinds of applications. Thus you need to figure out what to choose first, Android apps or iOS apps, native or hybrid, native or cross-platform, web-based app or mobile app, PWAs. After finalizing which platform to board, next comes the task of finalizing the app’s functionalities.

Unexperienced developers

The average cost to develop an app will vary depending on the features and functionality you want to include. A basic app with limited features can be developed for around $5,000, whereas a more complex app with multiple features can cost up to https://globalcloudteam.com/ $500,000. The most important factor in determining the cost of your app is the size and scope of your project. If you have a clear idea of what you want your app to do, then you will be able to get a more accurate estimate from a developer.

  • Here is a rough amount of time needed to implement the listed above features.
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  • The mobile app development cost breakdown consists of many factors.
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  • That’s because app creation is complicated and depends on many factors.

The response to this intriguing question is usually ‘It depends’, which raises more questions than answers. For businesses looking to make their mark in the digital world, mobile app development has become vital. There are numerous choices and hundreds of mobile app development companies out there to choose from. While WhatsApp might come across as a simple application, it is a complex one to build. The cost of developing an application like WhatsApp is around $70,000 – $90,000, again depending on who you get it developed from.


Not 1 since during development something is always added or removed and there might appear a story worth fewer points than the one previously thought to be the smallest. A backend isn’t mandatory, but if your app needs one, you’ll need to hire a separate developer for it — one who works with Ruby on Rails or Python, for example. And that developer will, of course, add to the cost of your app.

Design and Development

Bigger and more complex applications, on the other hand, might take much longer. Here are the ways that you can implement to reduce your app development timeline by speeding up the overall app development process. While estimating the app development timeline, you must consider several factors that impact the delivery period. Based on our experience, we have listed 4 different yet essential factors you must consider during the app development timeline estimation. Space-O is a leading mobile app development company to work with more than 1200 clients of different industries worldwide. Depending on the requirements for any specific project, the development stage may include implementing features, customized app infrastructure and app administration mechanisms.

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It requires the combined efforts of a designer and a developer to ensure the best possible outcome. This is because, based on the category, there are specific things that developers have to take into account when developing the app, which could extend the number of hours they will need. Testing, during which QA engineers try out the app and look for bugs to report to the development team so that those can get fixed.

UX/UI Design

Of course, you’ll also have to spend time marketing and promoting your app. About 70% of software development companies don’t omit this stage because it helps to clarify the project scope and determine its exact timelines. The complexity of app features can affect how long it takes to develop the app. However, there are other factors that could delay app development further. We typically say that creating a video takes about a month from start to finish.

Think of all the features you want your mobile applications to incorporate. It will take you some time since it is a rare case when an app includes just a few key features and that’s it. From primal features like login options to more complex ones like adding videos and messaging functionalities, everything has to be thought through. It stands for user experience and implies prototyping of the future app layout to see whether or not the application will be easy to use.

But is that convenience worth giving money to an AI setup instead of a real, authentic artist? Design sprints are used to test certain aspects of your app. They typically take around a week to complete, but if you don’t use them, problems and changes will occur later down the line and take up a lot more time throughout the project. Alpha and Beta testing are done on the app to make the app error-free. Post-launch whatever feedback is gathered from the users, the necessary changes are made. For example, if you’re targeting users in the United States, then you’ll need to build for iOS because that’s the platform that most Americans use.

The alpha release is an early pre-release version that is generally performed by the quality testers within the organization. On the other hand, the beta release is the final launch on the app stores. Therefore, having a clear understanding of how to launch an app will make the process easier. Once the strategy and requirements are finalized, the BA team prepares a wireframe to help you understand the processing of the app. You will get to know how your app users will perceive all the features.

All these planning is quite complex and will require a month or so. What to choose and what not to choose is the biggest dilemma of the owner of the app. To choose Android or iOS will remain the most fierce and debatable topic but choosing the safest path of Cross-Platform can become the actual solution. After completing all these steps, you are all set for stage 4. So, for doing the same, start by establishing your app target group, in other words, you just need to figure out who will be using your app later.